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Give Your Kids Your Time A
Kids Time
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Muntazir Mahdi

Being parent is a responsibility. Where everything is going through the innovation parentage has no exceptions. But this innovation has caused least attachment between parents and kids. Online access is one of the fruits of Digitalization.
It very interesting to note that the man has always been in a struggle to give up struggles or to reduce them to a minimal level. Every one of us if compare today’s life with 100 years before life is sure to have certain conclusion like.. There was no system of transportation as man before hundred years used to cover distances in days or weeks. And lot of time was wasted away. There was no proper modes of communications, as a letter used to be on destination after so many days. There were time taking ways of agriculture …etc.. Whereas we do all these thing within short time period. And our lot of time is saved.
Did we ever bother to think that where to utilised our saved time?
Why do we need to save our time.? What we have to do as an other job for which we try to save our time.? Digitalization has enabled us to order things online and the things are at our door within short time after we order for them. Despite of these accesses we say “life is so busy”. The question is that what do we do of our own?
Actually we want to get rid of our responsibilities and try to be busy in hollow excitements. Social Media is one of the main hollow excitements in today’s life. No one has worry to spend the saved time with kids sitting aside and continuously looking at parents hands that when they will get tired and they have their turn
It has caused a lot of gaps between parents and children. The mobile phone is the only source of connectivity between them.Which indirectly is a gap

Kid with Mobile
In this case i will relate a story about a monkeys who stole hats from a vendor and went on tree. The poor vendor tried all of his efforts to get his hats back but couldn’t. At the end he took his hat off and threw on the ground angrily. The monkeys also did same and he got his hats surprisingly to Relate this story we are going to say that kids are best Imitators.

Kids are best imitators
If kids are given a free environment to have fun with parents they can be friends.They naturally like imitation as this the process of their learning. It is proverb that kids and monkey cannot sit calmly. Kid are expert in imitation. When they see that dad is all the time busy on mobile when he is at home and mom is sitting before the T.V they judge that these life is only about screen big or small.Parents are usually busy in digital world

When we get tired kids turn starts afterwards.

Smart phones are narcotics of this AgeSmart Phones are making Distractions

This is narcotics if this age. So this the situation from which we need to be out. We need to reduce the use of these gadgets when we are at home in this way we may portray that these things are of no or of least importance. To gain time from kids we need to invest our time on kids. They will be our friend. Light physical exercise/playing is very important for kids. If we play with them their mental and bodily growth will be improved. Telling them short inspirational, moral , humorous , spiritual and motivation stories is also a good source of spending time with them.

Hidden Abilities of kids may bhi founded in our company In this way their hidden abilities can be boosted and unveiled.
Go with them on different scheduled tours at least once a month. To a historical place , To a park or an entertainment point etc. They will feel free with you and the canvas of their life will be broaden and you will be an ideal of your children.

Happiness is in our hands
It is also important to highlight while reading this article that the motive if this article is not to challenge the advantages of Digitalization. Instead a balance if maintained between usage of digitalization and physical activities better results can be expected

Success demand work physically

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